Cold Start and Winterization Packages

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The grid relies on a fleet of aero units for backup power and stabilization in extreme cold weather conditions. Depending on temperature and humidity, many aero units are not able to overcome the extreme cold air inlet permissive to complete a starting sequence when urgently needed. Universal Energy, a Texas owned and operated company, has… Read more »

Elements of Project Success

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What elements make up a successful project?  For UEI, we utilize standardized processes, procedures, turnover documentation, plant operating procedures, training modules, and many other standardized methods that make our work more efficient and more thorough.  One critical element of project completion is having the proper documentation covering the work.  From another perspective, one of the most… Read more »

Fast Track Commissioning & Startup

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There is no doubt that the Commissioning & Startup phase of a new construction power project is the most critical phase in the life of a power plant. If the CSU team doesn’t get the plant started and running right, it will never run right in its lifetime. CSU is THAT critical. Considering the amount… Read more »