Wounded Warrior Project

For every long term Manpower placement, UEI makes a donation on behalf of the employee to the Wounded Warrior Program.  Universal Energy encourages everyone to support this valuable program to aid our service men and women who have been willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others.  If you are someone you know would like to participate in supporting the WWP, please click the banner below for more details.

Quilts of Valor


A Quilt of Valor is a generous lap-sized quilt (minimum of 55 X 65) made by a quilt-topper (the piecer) of quality fabrics and beautifully quilted by a longarmer.   After it has been bound, washed, labeled and wrapped in a presentation case, it is ready to be awarded.   Quilts are awarded at many different levels: they may go to military hospitals where Chaplains award them to service members; there may be awards of QOV’s to entire service units returning from deployments; they may be awarded at VA’s or awarded individually.   But no matter how a Quilt of Valor is given, the impact it delivers is unequivocal.  (www.qovf.org) 

Paralyzed Veterans of America

For more than 68 years, Paralyzed Veterans of America has been on a mission to change lives and build brighter futures for our seriously injured heroes—to empower these brave men and women with what they need to achieve the things they fought for: freedom and independence.  The organization was founded by a band of service members who came home from World War II with a spinal cord injury.  They returned to a grateful nation, but also to a world with few solutions to the challenges they faced. They made a decision not just to live, but to live with dignity as contributors to society.  They created Paralyzed Veterans of America, an organization dedicated to veterans service, medical research and civil rights for people with disabilities.  Today, the work continues to create an America where all veterans and people with disabilities, and their families, have everything they need to live full and productive lives.  Paralyzed Veterans national officers and our 34 chapters represent thousands of veterans in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.  (www.pva.org)


Children Incorporated


Children Incorporated is an international nonprofit organization assisting impoverished children in the U.S. and abroad through already established schools, orphanages, and child care centers since 1964. Children Incorporated facilitate sponsorships, maintains several special funds, and manages special projects on an as-needed basis.  Children Incorporated provides resources for children in need in the United States and abroad, because we passionately believe that children everywhere deserve education, hope and opportunity.(www.childrenincorporated.org)


Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce

The Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce is recognized for its achievement in meeting organizational excellence required by the United States Chamber of Commerce and for continued commitment to strengthening the principles of free enterprise.  (www.clearlakearea.com)