Installation Management

Technical Support for industrial/process facilities, and renewable energy installations


Universal Energy provides Project Management teams with extensive industry-specific experience. Safety, schedule, budget and plant performance are the primary focal point of project execution. UEI utilizes a Systematic Project Review process to confirm the integration of project design, startup and operability. UEI specializes in project management services for domestic US and International projects.

Project Management

  • Systematic Project Review

  • Project Responsibility Matrix

  • Design and Operability Review

  • Construction and Startup Schedule Integration

  • Records Management

  • Civil, Mechanical, Process, Electrical and Control Systems Oversight

  • Safety and LO/TO Management

  • Quality Control

  • Coordination of Testing

  • Turnover Documentation & Punchlist Control

Related Services

  • Commissioning & Startup Services

  • Turnover Management

  • Scheduling and Cost Control

  • Operator Training & OJT

  • Performance Testing Services


  • Combined Heat & Power Plants
  • Wind Farms
  • Gas Compressor Stations
  • Steam Turbine Expansion
  • Biosolids Gasification