Operator Training and Procedures

Technical Support for power generation assets.UEI has expertise in combined cycle, peaking plants, coal, wind, diesel, biomass, and geothermal facilities


UEI's develops comprehensive Plant Operating Procedures in conjunction with Operator Training Programs, inclusive of Classroom Instruction and on-the-Job Training. Additionally, UEI produces equipment Operations & Maintenance Manuals, and provides sourcing and spare parts support and plant logistics/CMMS implementation.

International Projects

  • Technical Translations

  • Bi-Lingual Instructors

  • Plant Layout Diagrams

  • Laminated Wall-sized XXL Diagrams


Documentation Services

  • Plant Operating Procedures

  • Operator Training Development

  • Classroom Instruction & OJT

  • Equipment O&M Manuals

  • QA/Safety Procedures

  • ISO 9000 Process Procedures

  • International/Translations


  • Plaquemine 900 MW Combined Cycle Plant
  • Kendall 285 MW Combined Cycle Plant
  • Chesapeake 312 MW Peaking Plant
  • Bayswater 50 MW Simple Cycle Power Plant
  • PDVSA/ICO Generator Set O&M Manuals
  • NYCDEP Standby Generator Set and O&M Manual