Operations & Maintenance

Powering The Planet Is Hard Work!

Providing the plant operations and maintenance support needed to sustain optimal operating efficiency.

Plant Operations


UEI applies in-depth experience in plant operations including baseload and peaking dispatch, process steam production and renewable energy, to ensure safe and efficient plant operations.

O&M Mobilization

  • Staffing/Admin Setup

  • Training & Procedures

  • CMMS Implementation

  • HAZOP/RAM Support

  • EHS Programs

Plant Operations

  • Daily Plant Operations & Maintenance

  • Safety Compliance & Reporting

  • Environmental Compliance & Reporting

  • Plant Performance & Reporting

  • LTSA/Outage Management

  • Spares/Refurbishment Plans

  • Materials/Parts Procurement

  • Plant Contracted Services

UEI Advantages & Capabilities

  • Plant Startup, Operations and Asset Management Experience

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced

  • Management Staff

  • Equipment Specific Experienced Personnel

  • Alternative Contract Options

  • Contract (variable-term) Basis

  • Supplemental Seasonal/Peaking Manpower Support

  • Transitional Startup Operations


  • All major OEM equipment and plant
  • configurations
  • Frames and Aeroderivative units
  • Combined Heat & Power
  • Biomass, Wind and other Renewables