Powering the Planet

Maximizing facility efficiency and reducing utility costs.


Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems incorporate multiple technologies for providing electrical power and thermal energy service for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. UEI utilizes installation, commission and startup, and plant operating experience for various types and configurations of CHP applications.

CHP Services

Project Management & Implementation
  • Full Scope CHP Project Management

  • Implementation/Construction Oversight

  • Turnover CTO-CSU oversight

  • Performance/Acceptance Test

  • Warranty Management

Commissioning & Functional Testing
  • CxA and Cx Services

  • Accept Construction Turnover Packages

  • Facilitate OEM & BOP Operator Training

  • Review Performance Test Procedures

  • Witness Equipment Functional Testing

  • Maintain Punchlist – Deficiency Log

Startup, Plant Testing and Turnover
  • Completion of Turnover Documentation

  • Monitor Systems Startup & Schedule

  • Witness Performance/Compliance Testing

  • Witness Turnover to Operations

Warranty Management Support
  • Periodic Plant Performance Audits

  • Review/Monitor Equipment Warranty Status

  • Confirm Punchlist – Deficiency Resolution

Operator Training & Plant Documentation
  • Training Programs and Startup OJT

  • Integrated Plant Operating Manuals

  • Integrated Systems Diagrams

Broad Base of CHP Applications
  • Industrial / Commercial

  • Institutional

  • Agricultural

  • Municipal/Government


  • University of Arkansas, 5MW Expansion

  • Yale University 15MW CHP Expansion

  • University of Maryland 20 MW CHP

  • City of Fresno 9MW CHP

  • Orange County 11MW CHP Expansion

  • NNCC 1MW Biomass CHP

  • Additional expansion projects and CHP installations, up to 120MW